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Safety and security are of utmost concern whether you are protecting your family or office space. An excellent security system is one of the best ways to ensure that your property is safe. A custom security system can include all of the elements appropriate for your home or business. Integrated Security Systems is a highly qualified and experienced security systems company serving the Columbus, Georgia area. 

Providing services covering the full range of security needs from cameras to gates to burglar and fire alarm systems, Integrated Security Systems can help evaluate, plan and implement a security system for any venue. Our many years of experience in the business have given us insight and knowledge to be able to provide you with the highest quality and most secure systems. It is our mission to provide you with a security system that will allow you to live and run your business with peace of mind, confident in the safety of your home and office.

Our services extend to provide network management and fiber optics internet services. This way, you can get all of your security-related services through one source. We know the last thing you need is another stressful, worrisome area in your business or home. With our comprehensive services, you can take care of all of your security needs in one go, creating a custom system that covers all security areas.

In addition to providing state of the art services using the latest technologies in the security industry, our staff are knowledgeable, helpful and professional. Our goal is to give you sound advice regarding your security options so that you feel comfortable with your system – whether you need it created new or would like to modify or repair your current system. Feel free to give our friendly staff today to find out more about how to increase the security in your home or office.  

Advanced Technology Made Simple for Your Home or Business
We offer NetworX security systems from GE Security, to provide you with peace of mind that your home or business is equipped with the most advanced and reliable security technology available. NetworX systems are proven in applications from single family homes to commercial buildings with multiple businesses. They have specially designed keypads that make using advanced security technology simple. For your peace of mind, trust the brand security professionals know and trust – NetworX by GE Security.
NetworX Features
The specially designed NetworX keypad is the control for your security system. The keypad enables users to activate the system in either a ‘STAY’ or ‘ARMED’ mode. In ‘STAY’ mode, only the perimeter sensors (i.e., door and window contacts) are turned on while the interior motion sensors are turned off. This allows freedom of movement within the home or business being protected. When no one will be at the location being secured, the system should be ‘ARMED’. In this state, all the sensors are turned on and the system is able to provide maximum protection. NetworX systems have a time delay for entry and exit which allows you to leave and re-enter the building without setting off an alarm when the system is ARMED.
How Your System Works
At Integrated Security Systems, we have designed a system to meet your unique requirements. Part of this design includes creating zones of protection. Zones of protection are defined areas covered by specific sensors and detectors. In the event of an alarm, having defined zones enables the system to communicate where the alarm is occurring as well as the type of alarm (i.e. intrusion or fire).
Additional GE Security Solutions
 In addition to standard system components, there are advanced features your system may include. Optional system features include lifestyle enhancement and life safety features like lighting control and carbon monoxide detection. Contact us to learn more about the specifics of your system and how additional features can be added.
Home Monitoring From Your Mobile Device
 Connect all of your key systems with one totally personalized solution, to include security monitoring, fire and CO alerts, locks and sensors, lights, thermostats, garage doors and more. Tour entire system can be controlled through one app, for total convenience wherever you go.
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