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One of the most important elements in any security system is security cameras. Providing insight into what’s going on where your eyes can’t always be and also preventing criminal activities in places where cameras are known to be, cameras are very helpful in creating secure spaces. Integrated Security Systems works with a full range of security cameras and can provide the advice you need to decide on the appropriate security cameras for your space.  
Serving the Columbus, Georgia area, Integrated Security Systems has extensive experience in security cameras, giving you confidence in your security camera system. Our wide variety of cameras that we make available include specialty indoor and outdoor cameras, low and no light specialty cameras, bullet, dome, pan-tilt-zoom and box type cameras and even hidden cameras. Our expert staff can help determine which cameras to use and where so as to maximize theft and shoplifting prevention or general surveillance. In addition, we will help you with the accompanying digital video recorder or computer system to manage your cameras.

We are happy to work with you on your needs, whether it involves installing new cameras and systems or repairing and replacing cameras in your already existing system. Our goal is to make your security system management easy and effective. For this reason, we pride not only our knowledge and expertise in the industry, but also our professionalism. You can count on our staff to be dependable, helpful and responsible.

If you’re ready to improve or install a high quality camera system for your residential or office space, call Integrated Security Systems today. Our helpful staff will be happy to discuss your needs and set up an appointment for you. The peace of mind you will gain from an excellent security camera system is unbarred.

Dome cameras offer discreet 360-degree surveillance in a sleek, non-obtrusive design and tamper resistant design. The different styles of domes include infrared domes, indoor domes, outdoor domes, vandal proof domes, and pan tilt zoom controllable domes. Classic “smoked” dome cameras offer an additional degree of surveillance as friends, customers, employees and burglars have a difficult time seeing where the lens is actually pointing.
Bullet cameras are a variation of the box camera built into a permanently sealed weatherproof enclosure. They can be used indoors or outdoors without the need for additional hardware. Bullet cameras are often used because of their all-in-one design and attractive pricing. 
Box Type
Box cameras are known for their high video quality. Pro box cameras are often found in banks, supermarkets, convenience stores, etc. Lenses can be changed on the pro box camera based on the viewing angle and zoom that is required.
Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras that can be controlled through the DVR, remote viewing software, and/or a joystick. They can go up, down, left, and right. They also have zoom capability. For example, you can capture a license plate or zoom in on a face from far away. You can also program them to do preset tours where you can have them monitor certain areas while you are away.
Day/night cameras are often the choice of professionals. Even under extremely difficult lighting conditions, day/night cameras achieve optimal image results. This enables detail-rich recordings that allow occurrences and intruders to be conclusively documented.
Indoor cameras are often used for home security or in businesses for monitoring and preventing theft, burglary or shoplifting. While indoor cameras can be installed anywhere in your home or business, it is suggested that the indoor security cameras be placed somewhere near the entry points of the property. Having an indoor camera in every entry point will improve the overall surveillance of your property greatly.
Outdoor security cameras are the first line of defense when it comes to protecting your home, property or business. Outdoor cameras are specifically designed with a wider viewing angle to keep watch over large outdoor areas. Many also come with night vision to capture images or video even in the darkest night, and all are equipped to be weather resistant or weatherproof with a tough protective housing.New Paragraph
Infared is a popular type of camera for both business and home. Infrared cameras produce high resolution color video during the day. In low light or no light conditions they are the preferred camera type. Whether being used indoor or outdoor, they provide a huge advantage in low light or no light situations.
Vandal Proof
Vandal-proof dome cameras generally have a solid metal base and vandal resistant poly-carbonate plastic cover. Vandal domes are also weatherproof so that can be used for indoor our outdoor video surveillance. Once these cameras are properly installed, they are very difficult to be tampered with because they are completely enclosed and typically require a special tool that is included to open the dome cover.
Zoom Lens Cameras
Zoom on a security camera makes a big difference. A lens with a good capability to capture details will record superior video footage when compared to its competition. Security cameras that use optical zoom are ideal for recording footage in amazing clarity and resolution, clearly identifying if a person is a threat. When used properly, digital zoom can be just as effective as optical lenses and are especially useful for companies or businesses.

Surveillance Systems – Digital Video Recorders 
Standalone Embedded Surveillance DVRs
The pros of standalone DVR systems ought to also be considered when making a comparison between PC-based and standalone DVR surveillance security systems. All the functionality needed to operate a standalone DVR surveillance system are in form of buttons that simplifies the device operation. A majority of DVR standalone security systems include an off-site viewing option. This enables the user to view video surveillance from anywhere they are in the world.
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