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Keeping your family and workplaces safe is the number one priority at Integrated Security Systems in Columbus, Georgia. Through our wide range of security services, we protect every aspect of your home or business. With so many concerns and potential threats, security can seem overwhelming and stressful. However, our comprehensive, customized security systems will give you the peace of mind you need to live worry-free.
Our services include everything from security cameras to burglar and fire alarms to security gates. In each of these areas, we offer a wide range of choices and options in order to best meet your unique needs. In addition, our services include network management and fiber optics internet services. The extent of our services allows you to cover all of your security needs through one company.  

Integrated Security Systems serves Columbus, Georgia and the surrounding areas. We do our best to meet each client’s specific needs, providing customized services so that each system is optimized for the requirements. For example, each security gate may be chosen to accommodate the space available and the gate operator functions required such as a keypad or remote control operation. Or, in the case of security cameras, we can assist you in choosing a model that’s adequate for your needs be it camouflaged, with a zoom lens or dome shaped.  

In addition to offering the latest technology and expertise in installation, repairs and replacements, we pride our service teams in their professionalism and dependability. Our teams are knowledgeable and will be able to provide you with advice, giving you access to the best security systems available. We strive to be dependable and responsible so that you can continue with your busy schedule after your appointment with us. Call our helpful staff today to begin planning how to meet your security service needs.

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